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Practical Solutions in Legal Cases

If you're dealing with divorce, call the Law Office of Lori N. Bovee, Esq. in Albany, New York. We also handle criminal defense and family law cases.


To resolve matters between husband and wife, we provide matrimonial legal services. We manage the proceedings of the following:

Divorce | Uncontested Divorce and Separations | Separation Agreements | Plenary Actions to Set Aside Agreements | Qualified Domestic Relations Orders | Prenuptial Agreements | Postnuptial Agreements | Post Judgment Enforcement Actions | Mediation Coaching

Family Law

Trust us when it comes to filing all the necessary documents needed to accurately represent your case in court. Our lawyer will make sure that the court upholds your legal rights. We handle the following family law cases:

Custody and Parenting Time | Custody Modifications | Child Neglect and Abuse Proceedings | Adoptions | Family Offense Proceedings | Orders of Protection | Child Support | Spousal Support | Support Modifications

Lawyer and Document


If ever you need to make an appeal to court, we can guide you through the whole process. We handle appeals for:

Family Court & Divorce:
Property Distribution | Custody | Child Support | Support Contempt

Maintenance | Family Offense Proceedings | Child Abuse & Neglect

Indicated DSS or CPS reports | Criminal Law | Conviction Appeals | Sentencing Appeals

Military Divorce

For members of the armed forces, we provide legal services for divorce that comply with military law considerations. Rest assured, we have a keen understanding of the complexity of these military rules. We can guide you in understanding the following:

Custody Where One or Both Spouses are on Active Duty or Deployed | Child Support | Temporary and Permanent Spousal Maintenance | Health Benefits | Division of Retirement Benefits | Military Pension Division Orders | Veteran Affairs Benefits | Military Disability Retirement Protection | Survivor Benefit Plan Protection

Criminal Law

We help minimize penalties for you to get your life back on track. We do this by thoroughly evaluating your case and guiding you through the legal proceedings. Trust us to help you with the following:

Felonies | Misdemeanors | Violations | DWI & DUI | DWAI | Probation Violations

Traffic Charges

If you are charged of a traffic violation, we can be of assistance to you. We can help you resolve any offenses, such as moving violations, non-moving violations, and unauthorized operation of a vehicle.